Why choose Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond was formed in 1971 if you can believe it if not visit wikipedia bed bath and beyond to see for yourself. The company mainly sells items for your bedroom or bathroom, also your kitchen or dining room.

They have great items for sale and have over 300 stores around America, they actual have over 58000 staff employed in all these stores.

One of their key areas is to provide a large selection of items to choose from and with a great service but whilst keeping prices as low as possible for their customers. They also evolve the shopping enviroment so its both fun and exciting for customers.



What are they doing now? Well Bed Bath and Beyond are improving the online business and they are leveraging mobile devices and social media. The company is trying to provide multi channel environment, combined with great customer service levels and gain a greater market share in the future.

The company always trys to be the first to fill gaps in the market for example In 1994, the company decided to sell small electric appliances like coffee makers and even hair dryers. This helped them stand out from the others by continuing selling more items than anyone else.

One more point which makes them stand out is in the stores layouts. They put related product lines grouped together giving the impression the store was specilising in multiple different product lines. This seemed to encourage impulse buying for customers and increased their sales. They also placed items grouped in enormous vertical displays which seemed to help customers locate the items they were looking for thus also seemed to increase sales.